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With over 17 years in the egg business, Nestfrresh Eggs is a pioneer in high-quality eggs. We are engaged in taking the best care of our hens and delivering nutritious eggs to our customers. Nestfrresh eggs with special formula feed are all that you need. We’re proud to be part of your everyday breakfast, and we love helping you start your day off with a smile on your face. Be selective about your choices for your loved ones.

About Nestfrresh Eggs

eggs with extra protein

We are bringing farms to your doorstep by delivering the best quality eggs & enriching the lives of our farmers without any compromise. We believe in happy, high-quality & nutritious food for every one of us, and this is what makes you go that extra mile with your morning omelette.

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Trusted Over 20,000 +Customers across Haryana & UP



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Why Choose Us

Turmeric, Aloe Vera, Giloy & Flax Seeds used in Bird Feed

When it comes to eggs, Nestfrresh Eggs stands true to its values. Buy eggs from us and enjoy the best quality and taste, because what goes into the egg is more important than how it’s packaged. Our eggs are rich in protein and high in vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids. You can choose the variety that is right for you.

  • Say no to store’s cold storage eggs We are serving farm fresh eggs within
  • 24 hour of egg laying. -Our farm eggs not available in the stores.
  • Direct profit to end consumer-no middle man involved.
  • Antibiotic free vegetarian feed-Turmeric, soybean, malze, aloe Vera, flax seeds, Giloy.
  • We are serving immunity booster eggs -Guaranteed Odourless eggs with rich quality.

Delivery To Your Door

Healthy & Nutritious

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Why Choose Us?

Special Formula Feed

The antibiotic-free vegetarian feed consists of corn, soya bean meal, flax seeds, turmeric, and Pennisetum glaucum crop. We are serving immunity booster eggs with our premium quality box of 10eggs consisting of ashwagandha and Giloy to boost the immunity of kids n the elderly.

Antibiotic Free

The chicks raised by us grow into healthy chickens without using antibiotics with the help of a clean, comfortable environment, appropriate vaccinations, and high-quality feed.

Hygienic Standard

To avoid bacterial infection, we are using hand sanitization gloves before collecting the eggs once laid and before packaging them.

Immunity booster eggs

We are serving immunity booster eggs with our premium quality box of 10eggs consisting of ashwagandha and Giloy to boost the immunity of kids n the elderly.

Salmonella Free

Controlling the temperature of eggs has a strong effect on preventing salmonella bacteria. We are not at the stores in this hot summer, and we are serving you eggs directly from our temperature-controlled cold room.

100% Farm Fresh

Each egg box and Tray has a manufacturing date printed on it. Best before 21 days from the packaging date.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

We feed “flaxseeds” to our hens, high in omega-three fatty acids. So our eggs are rich in EPA and DHA content.

Say No to Frozen eggs

Recognizing the importance of fresh eggs compared to the frozen eggs we usually buy from markets, Nestfrresh eggs offers you eggs within 24hours of egg-laying.

Be Selective about your Choices for your Loved ones


Positive Feedback From Our Clients

Nestfrresh Eggs has been the trusted partner for several individuals, delivering fresh and healthy eggs to our customers. Here is what our customers have to say about us.

    Meena Jaypal

    You can simply do the quality check on your own, just compare the color of boiled egg yolk from Nestfrresh Eggs with some other ordinary egg, difference is clear. Nestfrresh Eggs is the only choice for my family since I started knowing the brand. The best eggs I have ever had.

      Hashimi Salma

      I've tried Nestfrresh Egg and among the brands available in the market, Nestfrresh Eggs are one of the best I use Nestfrresh Egg while making an omelette or any other recipe using the eggs, it's 100% full of energy and protein Also they don't smell like the usual eggs do Keep up the great work guys.

        Isha Verma

        They are the best I was always skeptical about the quality of the eggs which we were buying from local grocery store. Eggs being a part of our daily diet. But thanks to Nestfrresh Eggs, one less thing to worry about, It's fresh, hygienic and best of all am getting them on my doorstep.

          Peter Dsouza

          I love Nestfrresh! I have been one of their loyal customers for years now. They have the best quality of poultry, eggs and local produce that you can find in the Region. They are a small family-run farm company that treats its customers like they are part of the family.

          Premium Quality Eggs


          Nestfrresh Eggs is committed to providing customers with high-quality, nutrition-rich eggs. Customer satisfaction and our commitment to the environment are of extreme importance.

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